We look for these values in the people we choose to recruit across all of our hospitals and corporate services alongside the external suppliers, organisations and stakeholders we work with every day.

Our values are:

Pride - showing pride by being the best in everything we do
Our people are proud to care, proud to put their hearts into what they do and proud to be part of the CMFT team.

Respect - showing regard for the feeling, rights and views of other
We can see things from the perspective of other people, respect their wishes and feelings and understand their worries.

Empathy - showing empathy by understanding the emotions, feelings and views of others
We want to see things through our patients’ eyes and understand our patients’ experience so we can look after them better.

Consideration - showing thoughtfulness and regard for others, showing consideration for their feelings and circumstances
Wherever we work, we think carefully about the needs of our patients so we can offer the very best patient care.

Compassion - showing understanding, concern and contributing to providing a safe, secure and caring environment for everyone.
We want our patients to feel at home in our hospital and be in an environment where their views are listened to.

Dignity - showing respect and valuing all individuals and their diverse needs.
We tailor our care to meet the individual needs of each patient, whatever their background.

So we need people who share our strong commitment to working with pride, respect and empathy, consideration, compassion and dignity to join us. People who put their hearts into what they do and understand the different viewpoints of others. After all, you’ll be living and breathing these values every day and throughout the rest of your career with CMFT.