We are not only an employer. We are also a recognised training provider of apprenticeships. Our team is equipped to provide expert training and development leading to professional skills and recognised qualifications. It’s no surprise they have been shortlisted for the quality of their work in the Health Service Journal Finalist Awards. The track record speaks for itself: over 90% of apprentices successfully completing programmes went on to secure a permanent role at CMFT.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise. An apprenticeship sets people up to achieve their long-term career aspirations. That’s why we offer apprenticeships to everybody - from school leavers to existing members of staff.

We offer a wide range of apprenticeship qualifications, including:

  • Diploma in Healthcare Support Level 2 (Nursing Assistant)
  • Diploma in Healthcare Support Level 3 (Senior Nursing Assistant)
  • Perioperative Care Level 3 (Nursing/ Midwifery/ Theatre Scrub Nursing Assistant)
  • Children and Young People Level 2 (Paediatric Nursing Assistant)
  • Children and Young People Level 3 (Paediatric Nursing Assistant)
  • Maternity Level 3 (Maternity Nursing Assistant)
  • Business Administration Level 2 (Administrative & Clerical worker)
  • Business Administration Level 3 (Senior Administrative & Clerical worker)

All qualifications are undertaken in the workplace, and generally take 12-18 months to complete. You’ll be supported by an assessor and attend workshops off-site within our education facilities. Throughout this time, you’ll be paid the national living wage. Complete your apprenticeship successfully and you’ll be eligible to apply for a permanent role with us.

Hear about our apprenticeships from our very own Lai who is currently on a Level 2 Business and Admin Apprenticeship:


As a large employer, we want to play a key role in supporting graduates to take their first steps into employment within the NHS. Working closely with the national NHS graduate scheme, we host national graduates every year. We’re also innovating, with our unique General Management Graduate Development Scheme, which leads to a Masters qualification.

The scheme is designed to equip focused and forward thinking graduates with the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications they need to be a future leader. If you’re someone who puts patients first, we’ll prepare you to make a real difference within the caring profession.

It really is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Over 23 months, you’ll develop on-the-job management skills through a range of placements in diverse areas of the Trust. You will benefit from the guidance of a senior Trust mentor, a buddy and a dedicated scheme coordinator. Along the way you’ll enjoy masterclasses and leadership development programmes, shadowing opportunities, and support to study for an MSc in Professional Practice (Health Services Management).

It’s all about getting you ready to take full responsibility for the operational management of a team or large project - from budgets and performance targets, to quality of service. Best of all, our commitment to diversity means the scheme is open to any suitable graduate, regardless of when you attained your degree. Our future leaders will be extraordinary.